IT structure security thanks to a Unified Endpoint Management solution

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Nowadays, we can no longer envision life without mobile devices. They have also fundamentally changed the daily work routines in businesses. Thanks to mobile devices, communication is increasing, and employees can access important data quicker and without restrictions, regardless of their location and daytime.

Therefore, it is even more important that the large number of devices used in a business is centrally managed and that the security of company data is ensured. Thanks to our Unified Endpoint Management, you will not only attain perfect data security, but also enjoy a high level of flexibility and central control over all devices.

Make sure you get central and targeted device management for all devices now:

What exactly is Unified Endpoint Management?

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a term used to define the central management of the IT environment, including smartphones, notebooks, and tablets.

Specifically, this means that in a large company, not every new smartphone has to be set up manually – it happens from a central point of control. However, UEM also makes sense for smaller companies. For instance, in cases where the company cell phone is also approved for personal use, certain guidelines will have to be complied with, for instance regarding GDPR. Within the scope of UEM, we will also handle this task on your behalf.

The security and protection of your company’s internal data and functionality at the workplace are our top priorities.

Why does your company need Unified Endpoint Management?

Security above all

Whenever electronic devices are not only used within the company’s facilities, internal data must also be secured beyond those boundaries. Thanks to our Mobile Device Management, you can relax and have no concerns if the Data Protection Officer takes a closer look to your data security situation. Data is encrypted before transmission and you will be ideally protected against data theft, data loss, hackers, and business espionage.

This also applies to stolen or defective devices: the administrator can access your device externally and delete all data.

We will define the software and data guidelines with you and apply individual privileges to specific user groups, so that the configuration of each device can be restored any time the need arises.


Time for something new

Especially for larger enterprises, it is unpractical to manually configure company mobile phones. Use the time for more important tasks. Thanks to our Mobile Device Management, all configurations, access privileges, the data distribution and many other actions are centrally coordinated. Your administrator will be grateful.

Deploy an UEM solution to cut costs and save resources

The vast number of contracts and contract terms for all telecommunication devices used by companies is a true challenge – it is easy to lose track. Are the contracts still up-to-date or are more efficient agreements available? When can they be terminated? Keeping track of just these issues eats up a lot of working hours. It would be great to have a software solution that points out the cost drivers and notice periods.

Does that sound too good to be true? In our eyes, “impossible” does not exist. Obviously, we have a solution for you: our simple and easy to navigate Contract Management, which will not only save resources, but also cut costs. Thanks to our Mobile Device Management, we can determine precisely which employee would be best equipped with a specific device and what the most compatible contract would look like. Moreover, we centrally set up the new device – easily, conveniently, and quickly.

Generate enthusiasm among your staff!

It all begins and ends with satisfied employees: it is a proven fact that the more satisfied employees are, the more efficiently they will work and the more loyal they will be to the company.

If you aim to generate enthusiasm among your staff, you will permit the personal use of mobile devices. Your employees will be able to save personal money since they do not need a personal contract and device and they do not have to carry two devices. This doesn’t have to translate into an increased workload or costs for the enterprise. Furthermore, data security and compliance with the provisions of GDPR will have to be guaranteed.

We have good news for you: thanks to UEM, it is possible to allow the personal phone usage without any issues. Personal and business data are separated, all data is secured, and everything is GDPR-compliant. Hence, both employer and employee are happy – as is the administrator who can now centrally manage the devices.

Did anyone actually think about GDPR?

Since May 2018, the term GDPR has been a much-discussed subject. But what does this have to do with Mobile Device Management? Well, a whole lot! GDPR was imposed by the European Union with the aim of protecting personal data and ensuring the free flow of data. This means that as soon as an employee has stored personal data, such as a personal address book on a company mobile phone, the provisions of GDPR apply.

Hence, if you want to make your employees happy and allow them to use the company cell phone for business and personal use, you will have to ensure compliance with GDPR. Retain our services to handle this on your behalf. We are experts in mobile device and data security matters. We are completely familiar with the legal scenarios. Deploying our Mobile Device Management, we make sure that all data are distinctively separated, so that your employees can text their spouses or call their grandparents without any concerns.

The benefits of our Technical Support Management and the compatible UEM solution: who can resist?

  • Central management, configuration and backup of your mobile devices
  • Central provision of required applications and software
  • Configuration of network access
  • Remote deletion of data and access in the event of theft or device change
  • Archiving of backup copies
  • Replacement device with uploaded data
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Supports both Android and iOS operating systems
  • Optimized onboarding process for new hires
  • Simple control thanks to access privileges and device encryption
  • Application and monitoring of guidelines for increased security
  • Administrators work more efficiently thanks to central management