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The IT department is more important than ever

The IT department in companies is playing an increasingly important role. Digitisation continues to advance. Many processes are only solved digitally. In the age of home office, even meetings take place digitally. For this, the right technology must be purchased and appropriate software installed. For a long time now, the IT department no longer has to provide only functional hardware for new employees. Instead, it must identify and implement technical trends. In addition, IT takes care that all devices have applied the latest software, the professional data erasure on old devices, sets up new devices and ensures compliance with GDPR guidelines as well as data security on all devices. Not to mention the daily problem solving of software, programs or providers. If there are multiple locations, possibly overseas, the IT department must ensure that, for example, new software updates are well coordinated and played simultaneously everywhere. A lot to do for your IT team.

Relieving your IT department

Many companies have a historically grown IT department, which has been built up by local support needs-oriented. Due to the ever-increasing demands, THE IT departments in many companies are overwhelmed or can no longer devote themselves to their core tasks.

We remedy this situation: With our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), our IT department switches on all company devices centrally and plays corresponding updates, programs and tools on the devices. Network access is also configured centrally. By providing central access to the devices, we ensure that all devices comply with GDPR guidelines. So you are always on the safe side. We can also switch on each individual device separately and assign required rights individually. In advance, we determine together with you which employee needs which access rights, tools and e-mail addresses – specifically according to your wishes. Of course, we will help you with the setup and answer all your questions.

If your IT department only wants to take care of the essentials, our technical support management will be happy to continue to take care of all the tasks relating to your hardware for you. In cooperation with the local IT department on site, we are happy to take over the IT help desk in your company. Let’s talk about your wishes !

Our service for you

Our technical support management takes care of:

  • the central management, configuration and backup of your company equipment,
  • the central application of apps, tools and software,
  • the central deletion of the data in the event of device change or theft,
  • the storage of backup copies,
  • the procurement of new devices with recorded data,
  • the professional disposal of waste equipment,
  • THE IT onboarding of new employees,
  • compliance with GDPR guidelines,
  • the configuration of network access,
  • easy control via access permissions and device encryption,
  • and is there for you with all your questions!

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    The goal is always absolute customer satisfaction

    With the takeover of the complete hardware process, the life cycle and the day-to-day business with regard to the network operators, we are now better positioned. As a result, work was relieved of us and we use our resources even more efficiently. We are convinced of the services and the BPV Group as a partner.

    Nico Giersbach IT Administrator HF Mixing Group

    With BPV, we are able to keep track of our mobile phone contracts and in turn ensure the quality of our services to our customers. Be it mobile device management, leasing processing or the online support portal as well as personal support – we are completely satisfied with the cooperation with the BPV Group!

    Jens Boelen Managing director Sandersfeld Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

    Working with the BPV enterprise group has shown us that experience is extremely important – and cannot always be measured in numbers. From the very beginning, we felt very well taken care of by working in partnership with the BPV enterprise group.

    Thomas Strokosch IT Service Dortmunder Volksbank eG

    We were not satisfied with our mobile operator. The BPV Group has not only offered us alternatives with which we are now saving money, they have also accompanied us throughout the entire change process.

    Daniel Kipke IT Administrator STRENGE Ltd.

    We are constantly on duty for our residents and must therefore of course always be accessible. The BPV Group has convincingly presented to us which network is best for us, where our savings potential lies and even stands helpfully at our door in case of emergency. Just like ours with our residents.

    Markus Klukas Authorized representative, commercial control and control Savings and Construction Association Dortmund eG

    Strong partners by our side

    With strong partners at our side, we can offer you a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs.