Professional advice and individual concept for mobile workplaces

Digitalization requires a rethink of working concepts

Digitalization is advancing in Germany, if nothing else, it’s because of global lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Numerous employees have been asked to work from home. This trend continues, especially now, since many employers have noticed how the home office concept is a good alternative.

However, to ensure an appropriate and efficient working environment for the home-based working employees, they need the appropriate equipment. This quickly raises the question of which employee is in need of what kind of hardware. Can he take them home from the office or does he need to procure new telecommunications equipment? How much would it cost the company to ensure that? To avoid arbitrarily money expenditures, a concept for mobile work should be created beforehand. Make it easy and let us help you: We at BPV Enterprise Group are specialists in the field of consulting and mobile work concepts.

Good advice and a well elaborated concept require industry knowledge

BPV Enterprise Group has been working in the telecommunications industry for many years and knows this market inside out. In order to advise you in the best possible way and to present you with an individual concept for your work, we first compose an overview of your company’current state. We gather information on which employee uses what hardware.

Together with you, we then decide whether the current hardware is sufficient and which devices with their appropriate accessories are missing, so that your employees can work efficiently.

Furthermore, we then check whether the hardware is outdated or too expensive. Our work ethic is at all times open and transparent, which is why you can trust us as we keep you informed about every step which is about to be taken. We provide you with an individual concept that is suitable for your company, which forms a basis for our future cooperation. In the next stage, we acquire the necessary hardware at the best prices.

Let us dive into it:

The advantages of mobile work:

The employee saves time, because the commute to and from work is no longer necessary when the workplace is at home.

  • The environment is relieved because fewer pollutants are emitted since people are less driving.
  • Working hours can usually be made more flexible.
  • Family and work can be better reconciled.
  • Mobile working means building trust with your employees. This pays off because the employee appreciates the trust placed in him and does not want to lose it.
  • Employees tend to be more effective whilst working in their home office, rather than in the company’s office areas, according to a study by the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Simple content and communication tools maintain good customer contact. With good tools, you can get in touch with your colleagues more often and exchange data faster than in the office.
  • In the long run, you will need less Office space. Instead, you can invest the saved money into new hardware or other expendables. The company benefits from happier employees. However, this only works if the employees are ideally equipped for their work from home.
  • New devices can be replaced quickly and easily thanks to our LIAM configuration. You tell us, which device is to be procured or replaced, we configure, it as previously discussed, and send it to your desired address – also to your employee at home. They only have to turn on the device and can continue working as usual.

Let us talk about your personal wishes. We at BPV Enterprise Group are specialists in the field of mobile working and create an individual concept for more freedom and efficiency in the mobile workplace.