Through your trust, we create freedom and efficiency


Freedom in the workplace #byBPV

Our Mission: #mobileworkplace

We meet the needs of our customers for unlimited mobility.

We combine our products and services with our multi-carrier management and create individual solutions, specifically tailored to your needs. With our one-stop shop we simplify daily tasks for our national and international clients so they can focus on their core business.


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  • More than 170 Employees

  • More than 1.300 clients

Our teams are experts in their field. That is why our customers, like us, trust the decisions of each and every one of us, through which we provide a competent, personal and goal-oriented service.

Individuality & Innovation

  • More than  110.000 contracts in BIRTA

  • More than 45.000 devices in LIAM

We start individually with you and your needs, listen and work out the ideal solution together. In doing so, we are open to new concepts and anticipate tomorrow’s trends today.


  • Annual revenue of more than 30 Mio. €

  • The enterprise consists of 5 companies 

Our strength is our multidisciplinary, solution-oriented approach, which makes all the difference, especially in project management. To this end, we work as a group of companies at five locations throughout Europe.


  • With 100% passion

  • With more than 128 strong partners

Together with our partners from various industries and mobile networks, we get the best out of our collaboration: the custom made solution for our customers.

The BPV Management

Hardy Pesch

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Torsten Blaes

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Lucian Stanescu

CEO International (Chief Executive Officer)

The Founding Story – our why

Behind our mission are a company and entrepreneurs with heart and soul.

The company´s roots from 2013 were initially the baseline of the company´s founders Torsten Blaes & Hardy Pesch family livelihoods. Today, we live together in BPV Enterprise Group, our passion and visions for #Mobileworkplace. In addition of being a service provider, we are also an award-winning partner of international telecommunications & IT services.

The BPV Group stands out from its competitors in particular because of its corporate culture. We trust in the decisions of our employees and live with them the freedom and efficiency in all areas of work and life. With his creativity and outstanding expertise, every employee is an important pillar for the BPV Group.

Our values

Efficiency, freedom and trust make us not only special, but ensure that our customers are particularly strong.

1. Efficiency

#Mobileworkplace is a core topic in the business world. Mobile devices deeply interfere with the IT infrastructure of companies. We help our customers keep their end users productive and minimize the effort involved in setting up new jobs.

This means that we enable customers to increase their efficiency while minimizing the use of resources. We solve our customers’ challenge – proactive, fast and with great flexibility.

2. Freedom in the workplace powered #byBPV

For this efficiency in the mobile workplace, we dive deep into the world of our customers – we want to understand their “why”. That is the reason why we listen carefully to our customers, ask the right questions and analyze their processes throughout the entire life cycle.

This enables our customers to create a completely new form of freedom since they can put their daily business in our hands in partnership for #Mobileworkplace. Companies are permanently recovering valuable resources for their core competencies.

3. Trust

We are proud of our agility, which allows us to create this freedom for our customers, to adapt to their needs and to adapt flexibly to their circumstances. We are dedicated to our personal, sustainable customer relationship on an equal footing.

All employees of  BPV Enterprise Group always act within the scope of how they can support the needs of users in all areas of work and life with confidence.

Our goal

Through the trust of our customers, we create freedom and efficiency for them and their end users.

Trust is the sum and quality of all the experiences that customers can exploit in every encounter with BPV Enterprise Group. Trust, combined with our special corporate culture, creates the foundation for a deeper form of partnership.

As BPV Enterprise Group, we use our long-standing relationships with network operators and manufacturers of hardware & software products intensively to adapt solutions to the exact to the requirements of our customers and to create new or additional product variants. We are growing at high speed in our product range. In our system over the entire life cycle, we sustainably integrate new solutions from the IT & partner environment.

Consequently, we become the strongest pillar within a corporate organisation throughout the entire life cycle.

1 employee

Hardy Pesch starts as a sole trader in the home office with 16 m2

1 employee

Torsten Blaes starts as a sole trader in Home-Office mit 25 m² in Dortmund Aplerbeck

3 employees

Office in Dortmund Aplerbeck with 75 m2 (Sharing Office)

8 employees

Move to Unna - it will be further enlarged - 120 m2

9 employees

Our platform BIRTA is programmed

10 employees

BPT GmbH is founded

13 employees

The office is being extended by a second office wing - now a total of 240 m2

18 employees

The second floor is added as office space, now a total of 380 m2

19 employees

Foundation of BPV Solutions GmbH with a new employee

24 employees

Foundation of our Telesales Agency Phoenix Contact Center

25 employees

LIAM as the protector of your hardware is presented as a product on the market

25 employees

Extension of the office space, also the upper tract is added - 500 m2

38 employees

Takeover of the complete building in Unna - 620 m2

52 employees

Extension to Hanover site

65 employees

BPS GmbH is founded

120 employees

The companies merge into the BPV enterprise group

170 employees

Sebastian Gambero takes over the management of BPV GmbH. The company founders remain associated with BPV as shareholders on the supervisory board.