Device enrollment program for your hardware – it couldn’t be easier!

What is a Device Enrollment Program?

Apple talked about the Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Android devices call it Zero-Touch, as well as Android Zero Touch. Windows products have the Windows Autopilot and Samsung has KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME). It all means the same thing: contactless registration, setup and pre-configuration of new devices.


What does the Device Enrollment Program have to do with the LIAM configuration?

Quite a lot. In our LIAM configuration, we use the zero-touch registration method. New or swapped devices after being activated are automatically configured with our Mobile Device Management Device Enrollment (MDM Device Enrollment) and are immediately ready for use. VPN connections, programs, software and e-mail accounts are already set up on the device. The only thing you need for the installation is a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

We work with you in advance to determine which group of employees require which apps and software, what access rights do they have, and which e-mail account is assigned to which individual. Thanks to our hardware configuration through the Device Enrollment Program, all predetermined programs are quickly installed and each employee receives his personal device. We also take care of data security and GDPR guidelines. We configure the devices in such a way that all legal regulations are followed and third-party interference with the devices is prohibited.

Now let’s be specific: What is the advantage of the Device Enrollment Program?

Once your employee has ordered a new mobile device, he will be grateful if he doesn’t have to set it up by himself. Many employees feel overwhelmed when they need to set-up their new devices and implement privacy policies without forgetting something. With DEP, the new devices are sent to the employees and the only thing they need to do is just to turning them on. Everything else is done by our already established Device Enrollment Program.

In addition, your IT department can look forward to reducing maintenance costs to a minimum and freeing up capacity for more important matters. This saves costs and avoids incorrect configuration and errors.

Featured advantages:

  • Device configuration is simple, fast, and cost-effective.
  • Possibility of configurating more devices at the same time.
  • No set-up effort during commissioning by the employee.
  • Firmware updates can be timed and applied to all devices
  • Data security is guaranteed.
  • No security vulnerability because no important apps will be forgotten.

Thanks to our LIAM Premium replacement service, we are able to quickly provide you with a replacement device with the right hardware configuration in case of loss or theft. Here you can find more information about our LIAM Premium Exchange Service.