Flexible hardware rollout
specialists for your company

What is a hardware rollout?

BPV Enterprise Group is specialized in exactly this area: the exchange of old for new hardware.

In the mobile industry hardware rollouts are more common, as devices become obsolete very quickly and ever-better technology is coming to the market. In addition, the leasing contracts usually expire after two to three years, so new hardware has to be purchased. In some cases, it might be that the new purchase involves several thousand devices. However, small and medium-sized enterprises also outsource rollout management, as they need the capacity of their IT department for more important projects and want to be more flexible in purchasing. Especially if your company has several locations, mainly abroad, it makes sense to outsource the rollout management for a coordinated introduction of the hardware, as it involves a lot of effort.

What our hardware rollout looks like for your business

For the hardware rollout to work smoothly we discuss with the project managers which old devices will be replaced and which new devices will be sent to you, and at which locations. In addition, we note specific software, apps, programs and e-mail addresses that need to be delivered to specified employees.

Now it’s time to go! From now on, we take over and are responsible for planning, controlling and coordinating the entire rollout process. We coordinate all team members, suppliers and other stakeholders involved.

Thanks to our many years of market knowledge, we can procure the new devices at the best prices. We are completely transparent at every step, so that you can trust us that we take of everything you need.

Our Unified Endpoint Management ensures the complete configuration of your new devices. Once your employee turns on the new device, it’s already set up and he can start working right away. When installing the software, apps and programs, we ensure that the Data Protection Regulation is adhered to. Therefore you can always feel safe with us.

If a device is defective or stolen, this is no problem thanks to our premium replacement service.

Simply report the damage to our support team and you will receive a replacement as soon as possible.

If you have international locations, our scheduling ensures that the hardware rollout is coordinated at each location. You have only one location, but many employees work in the home office? No problem, we deliver every single device to the desired address. Whether you are national or international, centralized or location-based: We guarantee you an excellent conception of the process with the highest effectiveness. We provide more freedom and efficiency in your workplace, so your IT technicians have free capacity for more important matters.