Professional and sustainable corporate mobile phone disposal

New devices replace the old ones – but what happens to the old ones?

Mobile devices are an integral part of our society, whether at work or in our private lives. Consequently, more and more providers are joining the market and launching even lighter, better, and faster mobile devices. For companies to remain competitive, new equipment is being purchased, and the old devices? Well, what do you do with them? We introduce you to the practices of BPV Enterprise Group, which are implemented to ensure a sustainable corporate mobile phone disposal.


How our Data Wipe and Remarketing works

The reasons why our customers need new devices are very different. Either they want to use the latest technology, exchange old for new or the old device is defective.

For us at BPV Enterprise Group, this is not a problem. In our customer center, we ensure that you receive your new desired device quickly. If you want to return a defective device, we will send you a return label. All you have to do is put on the package with the defective device and bring it to the post office. Thanks to our fast 24-hour service, we ship your replacement device within 24 hours on weekdays and send it to the address of your choice.

For our customers we offer a complete rollout of the devices. We coordinate in advance with you which employees receives, for example, which software, accesses, apps and mailboxes and upload everything on the device thanks to cloud-based technology. This way your employee only needs to turn on their new device and can start working immediately without having to make any further configurations. Practical, isn’t it?


Professional GDPR-compliant data deletion

If you want to delete data on old phones, tablets or laptops, you should be very careful. On one hand, important and sensitive company data is sometimes stored on the service mobile phone, which should not fall into the hands of third parties. On the other hand, there may also be private data on the smartphone which bring the GDRP guidelines into play. There may be a risk of heavy fines if personal data previously stored on a corporate device becomes public. Also: don’t rely on factory settings. Sensitive data is not properly deleted and can be read out of the device memory if necessary.

We at BPV Enterprise Group have a special protocol for certified data erasure. When it is possible to delete data, we comply with the standards of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology and carry out the deletion using the “Blank Mobile Edition Method”. Of course, we will send you the deletion protocol immediately.

Central data erasure thanks to our mobile device management

If you are a user of our Mobile Device Management (MDM), you benefit from our central management of all your mobile devices. No matter where your business location is or where your employee is, our secure cloud-based software allows us to access your devices and completely delete the data. This is especially useful if, for example, the mobile phone is lost or stolen. In order to prevent sensitive company data from falling into the wrong hands, it should be deleted as soon as possible. If we perform the deletion on your behalf, you will of course receive a deletion log. Another advantage of our mobile device management is the central installation of updates and new software, so that your devices are always up to date.

We do our best: Defective devices are repaired if possible

If you send a defective device to us, this will be expertly examined by our technical department. If it is repairable, it will be re-launched by our specialists and used elsewhere. If the device has irreparable damage or a repair is not worthwhile, it will be recycled professionally. Of course, you will receive a cashback option for the device for transfer or recycling.

Sustainable recycling of company hardware is close to our hearts

BPV Enterprise Group is committed to the topic of responsible use of resources and puts great importance on sustainable corporate mobile phone disposal. Because garbage is not just garbage and used materials can find their way into something new thanks to modern recycling processes. If your old equipment can no longer be repaired, we will take it to a recycling plant. There, the devices are mechanically destroyed by a shredder and the remaining materials are melted. Through this process, pollutants are disposed professionally and ecologically. Recyclable and valuable raw materials such as gold, silver, copper and palladium are salvaged and find a new life cycle in new products.

The sustainability of our devices is important to us; we give you, our word. Therefore, you don’t have to have a bad conscience if you want to stay competitive and always buy or lease the latest devices from us.

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