LIAMnow – the intelligent service station for your replacement devices

With LIAMnow, we have created a smart hardware station that holds and dispenses mobile devices on site in your company. It provides an easy to use, secure, automated and 24/7 service!

What is LIAMnow?

Think of our LIAMnow intelligent hardware station as a package station placed in your company. LIAMnow stores smartphones, laptops and tablets that are available to you and your employees as replacement, or onboarding devices.

Through its descreetly stylish look, LIAMnow adapts optically to any environment – and is also available in your corporate design!

LIAMnow offers a total of 27 output trays with replacement devices, which each include a protection bundle. The user-friendly touch panel allows your employees to collect their devices, at any time of the day, or night.

The devices are also automatically reordered and preconfigured via LIAMnow – and will be ready to be used to restock the LIAMnow hardware station.

How does LIAMnow work?

Once you have decided on LIAMnow, you define the “shopping basket” for your employees. You specify which hardware is available for which employee. After you have set the authorisations, your employees can access the replacement devices, authorised for them, at any time.

If an employee has a faulty device, they can make use of LIAMnow easily and fast. They no longer need to contact your service desk. Using a PIN code, your employees authenticate themselves and collect the replacement devices from the hardware station. At the same time a return label and return box will be provided for the faulty device.

Thanks to our LIAM premium exchange service, your employees simply send the faulty hardware, free of charge, back to us.

How does the correct software get on the replacement device?

LIAMnow is directly linked to your Unified-Endpoint-Management system. You can use our own UEM system, if you are currently not using one. It is possible to create an interface (API) to external systems ensuring you have consulted with our support staff. With the help of the UEM system it is pre-determined, which employee get which software, access rights, email accounts and apps on their devices.

Thanks to LIAMnow, we minimize waiting times: Simply remove a new device from the hardware station, switch it on and activate it, using the individual access data. The required apps and tools are then configured automatically. Your employees’ devices are ready for use again within a few minutes.

Why is LIAMnow a good idea?

Our LIAMnow service station ensures maximum availability of replacement devices. Your IT department can focus on their essential tasks and your employees have access to replacement devices 24/7.

The advantages at a glance:

  • 24/7 service – Replace devices automated, quickly and easily.
  • Technically faulty end devices, will not cause any more annoying loss of working hours.
  • Individual configuration of devices is possible in the LIAMnow shopping basket
  • Due to clear authentication you will immediately receive pre-configured devices
  • Relieve the workload of your IT department
  • Returns made easy – The LIAMnow boxes have a return label and packaging included
  • The hardware station has ist own Internet access and therefore saves the need for network integration
  • Automatic re-ordering for re-filling -with the help of the appropriate UEM system
  • No technical challenges with us – Remote system maintenance!