Create the modern and mobile workplace with LIAM

From procurement, configuration and support to final processing, LIAM reduces your effort and improves the day-to-day work of your employees.

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What exactly does Lifecycle Asset

Advice and concept


We sit down together and produce an individual concept for your company, tailored to the requirements of your business model.

Hardware Procurement


Through our large network of distributors, we enable your company to offer flexible and advantageous payment options.



We take care of the configuration of your devices so that you can start flexibly and worry-free.

Rollout management


We guarantee a flexible rollout strategy adapted to your requirements with the expertise of our project management team.

Premium exchange service


Our premium replacement service ensures your care free with the replacement of your damaged hardware within 24 hours.

Waste equipment management


We take care of your old equipment and offer you a profitable added value.

In procurement, much of the process is still analogous today, devouring much-needed resources. The comparison of suppliers on the market is also time-consuming and confusing. Leave the procurement process to us at best prices, we guarantee a transparent and optimized handling via the search, the order and the shipping.

In addition, we can provide you with advice on individual wishes and requirements and implement them for you.

What is Lifecycle Asset Management specifically?

Lifecycle Asset Management translates as managing capital in relation to its lifetime. In concrete terms, this means that all currently used plants are accounted for and then their life cycle efficiency is analysed. We call this LIAM for short. And when we use LIAM for you, we check your assets such as computers, mobile phones, phones and laptops for profitability and create a business plan.

Just take a look at the LIAM process!


Advice and concept

Thanks to global networking and digitalization, the requirements for the mobile workplace are more individual than ever. However, complex requirements do not necessarily require complicated solutions. By means of a precise analysis of the IST situation, we always create a concept individually tailored to your business model.

To the consulting offer

Hardware procurement – buy, contract subsidy, or lease

Getting the right hardware, from PC to notebooks, tablets and company phones, is very time consuming. Which device best meets the requirements of your own IT environment, where do I get the best price and which provider has the most attractive payment terms. This becomes a full-time job even with a small number of devices.

As a BPV group of companies, we have the big distributors at our hands and our specialists are exploring the market on a daily basis. Thanks to the knowledge built up over many years, we realistically assess which hardware you need and procure it at the best prices. This frees up resources in your IT department that you can use for more important tasks.

For hardware procurement

Contactless registration, setup and configuration

In our LIAM configuration, we use the zero-touch registration technique. New or replaced devices are automatically configured by our mobile device management device registration after power on and are ready to function immediately.

VPN connections, programs, software, and email accounts are already ready to use on the device. The only thing you need for installation is a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

For configuration

Rollout management

Using a previously defined rollout strategy, we ensure that all performance-critical factors are taken into account during the rollout of the new devices. Our project management team is responsible for the planning, coordination and management of the process and takes over the coordination of all involved team members, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Whether national or international, whether centralized or location-based. We guarantee you an excellent conception of the process with the highest effectiveness.

Learn more about rollout management

Premium exchange service

We at the BPV Group of Companies are there for you with our premium exchange service if you have problems with the hardware in your company. We have set up a 24-hour replacement service specifically for you, which will provide you with a replacement device as soon as possible in the event of damage or loss.

For exchange service

Waste equipment management

The faster operating systems and software applications evolve, the more the lifecycle of your assets shortens. Regular hardware upgrade is usually essential to remain competitive.

But what should you do with all the old equipment? Do they get into hazardous waste? Are they still worth something? And most importantly, have all the data really been deleted? We are happy to support you in the professional exploitation of your hardware and give you real added value.

To waste equipment management

Our LIAM is just right for you


  • Storage

    We cover storage and logistics costs for Germany.

  • Inventory Management

    Web-based inventory monitoring & on stock device pool for fast delivery.

  • Protection Bundle

    Quality bumper & glass with optional mounting.

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  • Technical Support

    Pre-configuration of devices e.g. Apple DEP.

  • Rollout Management

    Functional check, Firmware update, Picking&Packing. Including manuals for end-users.

  • Rollback Management

    Deactivation of cloud accounts, Data deletion & Remarketing.

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  • Premium Swap Service

    1:1 swap of same or higher quality device in 24 hours.

  • Free Swap Device

    Extended warranty or insurance covering defects, breaks and loss.

  • Technical Support

    UEM Device Management User First- & IT Second Level Support.

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With LIAM, everything is also under control internationally.

We are active in many countries around the world and work in international teams on our projects. Together with local partners and an international network, we are able to implement end-to-end solution concepts for our customers across national borders.


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    The goal is always absolute customer satisfaction

    With the takeover of the complete hardware process, the life cycle and the day-to-day business with regard to the network operators, we are now better positioned. As a result, work was relieved of us and we use our resources even more efficiently. We are convinced of the services and the BPV Group as a partner.

    Nico Giersbach IT Administrator HF Mixing Group

    With BPV, we are able to keep track of our mobile phone contracts and in turn ensure the quality of our services to our customers. Be it mobile device management, leasing processing or the online support portal as well as personal support – we are completely satisfied with the cooperation with the BPV Group!

    Jens Boelen Managing director Sandersfeld Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

    Working with the BPV enterprise group has shown us that experience is extremely important – and cannot always be measured in numbers. From the very beginning, we felt very well taken care of by working in partnership with the BPV enterprise group.

    Thomas Strokosch IT Service Dortmunder Volksbank eG

    We were not satisfied with our mobile operator. The BPV Group has not only offered us alternatives with which we are now saving money, they have also accompanied us throughout the entire change process.

    Daniel Kipke IT Administrator STRENGE Ltd.

    We are constantly on duty for our residents and must therefore of course always be accessible. The BPV Group has convincingly presented to us which network is best for us, where our savings potential lies and even stands helpfully at our door in case of emergency. Just like ours with our residents.

    Markus Klukas Authorized representative, commercial control and control Savings and Construction Association Dortmund eG

    Strong partners by our side

    With strong partners at our side, we can offer you a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs.