The benefits of SD-WAN for the global

SD-WAN is an improved and more secure version of conventional WAN.

Software-Defined WAN (SDWAN)


Nowadays, every business needs a fast, dependable, and secure company network to be able to work effectively and to securely exchange data. If your business operates out of just one location, data sharing may occur via LAN (Local Area Network). However, if you are operating company networks in different locations or if you are planning to expand, LAN will not serve you at all.


WAN (Wide Area Network) allows you to perfectly network your various sites over a vast geographic area. SD-WAN is a better and more secure version of conventional WAN.


BPV Enterprise Group uses the dependable VMware SD-WAN sourced from VeloCloud for its customers. Unlike conventional WAN, our SD-WAN comes with a software overlay, which manages all connection, security, and network information. Thanks to central control, we can manage multiple WAN connections simultaneously. This makes it unnecessary to program each individual endpoint after every change. Another great advantage of SD-WAN is the connection type.  Both WAN and SD-WAN have physical connections.


However, the SD-WAN connection has a virtual link that is abstracted from the physical connection and is located above the former.  Virtualized connections, i.e. apparent connections, are nothing more than data package communications. Unlike physical connections with the end system, services are not made available in this case. Instead, the data packages are provided on a virtual level and communicated to the different receptors on an as-needed basis. This ensures an optimized use of the IT resources. Hence, SD-WAN allows you to simply move data from one device to another.

What are the advantages of SD-WAN?

Many businesses bet on the site network technology MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching). However, it is expensive and inflexible. Our SD-WAN is more budget friendly, flexible and reduces your IT’s workload. Find out more compelling facts by reaching out to us.

Don’t just expand your horizon, but also your bandwidth

Given that larger and larger data volumes must be transferred from one enterprise to another, the demand for more bandwidth is always on the rise. If, in the past, you have had to rely on inflexible MPLS bandwidth contracts and if you have a certain number of different sites, you should make the switch. Thanks to our Cloud provided SD-WAN you can use low-cost broadband without foregoing service quality. As a result of the consolidation of connections, you will flexibly boost the bandwidth in a cost-effective manner and get the required voice and video quality.

Secure your data

The loss of business data or its access by third parties are nightmares for any entrepreneur. Hence, it is better to take precautions. Get the benefits of our SD-WAN. With its pivotal security functions, it allows for the use of VPN scheduling as well as the integration of other services, such as firewalling and Cloud-based security (for instance Zscaler). Moreover, security services can be integrated with the assistance of the VNF functions in the branch location supported by SD-WAN Edge.

Provision to branches in just a few minutes

If you have branch operations all over the world that you would like to network with each other, this will be no issue for our SD-WAN by VeloCloud. In just a few minutes, from a central point, we can connect your branches thanks to the zero-touch-SD-WAN branch office configuration. By setting up VeloCloud Edge at every location, you don’t need an on-site configuration. The Edge is merely connected to power and the SD-WAN connection. It is subsequently activated, and local devices can be easily connected. Hence, a VPN site to site connection is redundant. Data traffic is routed via an automatically setup VPN tunnel to a dedicated SD-WAN-Gateway at your data processing center or the Cloud.

Quick overview of the SD-WAN benefits.

  • Data traffic management optimization through automatic measurements and monitoring.
  • Optimum performance of all data traffic types.
  • Automatic setup of VPN for secure data exchange.
  • Improved response patterns thanks to the consolidation of all kinds of WAN connections.
  • Branch connection in just a few minutes from a central location.
  • Meet the highest security standards of business thanks to our SD-WAN.
  • We ensure compliance with network spanning security requirements and integrate local, third-party providers and Cloud security services if necessary.
  • The use of data processing centers or SaaS applications is transparently depicted.
  • The stability or configuration of your infrastructure is not impaired by the branch connection.
  • The IT department workload is minimized.
  • Cuts costs thanks to the efficient use of private and public networks.
  • Thanks to the consolidation of WAN lines of any kind, the cost effectiveness of the bandwidth is optimized.
  • Dynamic management of data traffic through the assignment of new bandwidths.
  • Virtual SD-WAN connection is upstream from physical connections.
  • The use of SD-WAN is growing, which is why more investments and expansions in this area are underway.

Let us advise you regarding the options for your SD-WAN connection.