20. October 2023

The CarOnSale Project

“By having the BPV Group take over the entire hardware process, lifecycle, and day-to-day operations, we at CarOnSale have been able to enhance our efficiency. We value the expertise and added value they bring as a partner,” said Tobias Lieshoff of CarOnSale.

Our customer

CarOnSale is a reputable and well-established company supplying a trading platform that connects car dealerships and sellers with buyers. Over the years, CarOnSale has developed a loyal customer base and built a strong reputation for providing quality used cars at affordable prices, which has helped the company grow and expand its operations across Europe.

However, with its rising success, the company has faced several challenges on their journey.

The challenge

As the home office has become a more common way of working, it has brought CarOnSale more demanding responsibilities. The primary concern has become to ensure access to the necessary hardware and software for their employees, which would enable them to perform their duties effectively and efficiently, all whilst working remotely. Given that technology was the central point of making this happen, it has also become imperative to provide ongoing technical support with a dedicated IT-Team, should the need arise. Moreover, CarOnSale employees are situated in various locations across Europe, which brought up the question of how to organize the logistics processes of providing this necessary hardware equipment quickly, efficiently, and reliably.


This is where the BPV Enterprise comes into the picture, offering the perfect solution to CarOnSale’s challenges. With the BPVs products, services, and international reach, we were able to support Car on Sale on their journey to success. Contained in the premium services of our company, we take care of the management of hardware and software necessities, ensure the correct and efficient setup of the company’s employees with the necessary tools, and oversee all processes needed for a successful remote workplace. Everything is planned according to the client’s specifications and wishes, from LIAM (Lifecycle Asset Management) to a customized MDM (Mobile Device Management).

BPV took the opportunity to strengthen CarOnSale’s main business by offering a premium service that included Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for asset management and HR data. In addition to handling asset management, BPV covertly assumes the responsibility of registering and maintaining the equipment records of every employee in CarOnSale’s digital infrastructure. This helps CarOnSale to have a detailed overview of each piece of equipment for every company member.

This solution ensures that our client could focus on the core business functions without worrying about any device-related problems. Some other BPV benefits include a 24-hour Swap service (accounting for broken, stolen, and lost hardware), which ensures that the personnel always remain fully operational. Furthermore, our client can also enjoy a dedicated and single point of contact (Customer Success Manager), who shall assist with any requests. BPV not only provides a dedicated Customer Success manager but also boasts a highly proficient international multilingual support team that offers comprehensive assistance to all its global entities. We aim to enhance the customer’s journey experience and provide continuous support and a reliable partnership.

The benefits

To sum up, the benefits that CarOnSale profits from the collaboration with BPV is

  • Customized hard- and software setup through Mobile Device Management Device Enrollment (MDM – Device Enrollment).
  • Scalable and custom-tailored tariffs.
  • 24h SWAP service (replacement service for lost, stolen, and broken devices) guarantees an “always ready to work” status.
  • One point of contact for all requests, Customer Success Manager to enhance customers’ journey experience.
  • Dedicated + experienced IT- and multilingual support team.
  • Time and resource efficiency through no involvement of the local IT manager.
  • Processes were optimized through BPO (supporting HR management software).

Overall, this comprehensive solution offered by BPV enables CarOnSale to provide a productive and comfortable remote work experience for its employees while maintaining consistency and efficiency across the organization.