14. August 2021

Hella GmbH Project

Our customerHella GmbH

HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA is one of the top 40 global automotive suppliers as well as one of the 100 largest German industrial companies. Around 40,000 employees are employed worldwide. HELLA’s wish was to outsource the complete mobile phone management to an external service provider.

After an intensive selection process against other competitors and after conducting several process workshops, BPV GmbH was able to convince with its overall package.

The challenge of the project

The challenge for the customer was to map company-specific device configuration and asset management including responsible cost allocation to business. An optimized process in the area of cost-based re-allocation and presentation of the data volumes consumed at the company and user level should also be developed. The user’s support requests should then be handled via an interface to the customer’s ticket system.

The satisfactory solution of BPV

Our BIRTA system for cost management and our LifeCycle Asset Management LIAM go hand in hand in this case. In combination, we shorten the process of initial configuration of the devices by 30 minutes compared to the traditional setup of the hardware.

In addition, with LIAM, we represent the entire lifecycle of the assets. From procurement, integration into the customer’s IT infrastructure, the replacement of defective equipment to the recycling of equipment, we take over the complete asset management of the customer.

With BIRTA, we are able to address the other challenges of the HELLA Group. We also compare monthly cost report recalculation and general volume consumption reports according to customer claims with BIRTA. We live up to our support with passion through our own support manager for the HELLA Group, who receives, coordinates and handles the enquiries in the ticket system of the HELLA Group.

The benefits for Hella GmbH

Thanks to our modular service portfolio, we at HELLA have mapped the processes throughout the end-device CV and, thanks to BIRTA, have made the complete invoice data post-processing more transparent. As a result, processes were optimized and used more resource-efficiently.