Identity management definition and information about its effective protection of your business

Definition of identity management and the ways it effectively protects your busines

Definition: Identity management

If you and your coworkers want to navigate the net securely, you should have a solid and most importantly, secure identity management. Identity management, abbreviated IdM, focuses on the maintenance and management of user accounts and resources in the network. This also includes the management of privileges for users of applications and systems. The access privileges are defined and set up with the assistance of authentication and authorization processes.

The most used authentication is the assignment of a username and password.  However, these security measures are rendered more stringent so that users no longer must come up with and remember difficult passwords based on more instructions that must be changed in increasingly shorter time intervals. Who can keep an overview given the number of changed passwords? Other authentication methods include, for instance, the strong authentication or two or three factor authentication using key cards, mobile phone numbers, fingerprinting or tokens.

The authorization aims at giving the user access to required information, such as systems, applications, data, and printers, which the user can access thanks to the authorization. This is also contingent upon the proper setup and approval for each individual. This kind of work can now be very difficult and complex for a variety of positions and access privileges.

Why is identity management so important?

Many hackers commit crimes on the Internet. The risk of data and identity theft is on the rise and logins for different areas are increasingly required. Furthermore, the demands passwords must meet are getting more complex. Who can remember all of that? Quite often, employees do not remember the new password and request new ones. In many companies, this triggers the generation of a help desk ticket. The cost of each ticket is around EUR 30. These are unnecessary costs and time spent in IT that can be avoided by implementing a reliable identity management.

Okta, the smart identity and access management software

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity management solutions. Okta offers an Identity Cloud that creates secure connections between humans and technology. Web browsers Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome support the solution. Okta offers a variety of products. Below, we are listing just those that are the most relevant in our opinion.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to an authentication process during which the user signs on once and receives access to multiple services and resources. The annoying registration for different applications is thus redundant.

The benefits of Single Sign-On:

  • 50 % fewer helpdesk calls due to registration issues.
  • 50 % faster user registration.
  • Up to 5 x faster integration of the IT of acquired enterprises.
  • SSO can be reliably integrated into all web and mobile applications.
  • Central access is tailored to every device and can be aligned completely.
  • Secure archiving of users and passwords.
  • Connection to AD/LDAP possible across multiple domains and a self-service function for the revision of the AD/LDAP password.
  • Security reports are delivered in real time.
  • Secure access for all users thanks to two-factor authentication using Okta Verify OTP, including all SSO clients.

Universal Directory

The archiving of an unlimited number of users and attributes from application and sources such as field sales/service or HR systems is easy with the Okta Universal Directory.

Universal Directory benefits:

  • Usernames and passwords are stored securely.
  • (Group-based) password requirements with complexity options.
  • Storing and transformation with extended attributes to support Rich-SAML and authorization scenarios based on attributes
  • Integration into internal systems for access to dynamic data or additional privileges for downstream applications.


This term refers to the automated access across the entire user lifecycle for internal and external users, i.e. for all employees, partners and customers.

Lifecycle Management benefits:

  • You will save 30 minutes on each request for the provision of applications.
  • In addition, you will save 30 minutes for the configuration of groups and privileges.
  • You will cut costs per annum when preparing for audits.

Adaptive multi-factor authentication

Improve your application’s security by implementing context-based step-up-authentications with an added security level for systems, applications, RADIUS and VPN devices.

Adaptive multi-factor authentication benefits:

  • Improved security – 81 % of hacker attacks are based on stolen or weak passwords.
  • Thanks to the multi-factor authentication you will add a second layer of security to your application.
  • The AMFA progression of the user will provide you with reliable reports.

How is all of that related to VMware?

VMware is an American enterprise that offers software solutions in the field of Cloud computing and virtualization. BPV Enterprise Group is offering VMware solutions in the SD-WAN field with great success. Thanks to its secure and perfect Cloud software solution you can perfectly interconnect your company networks, regardless of the city, country, or continent where your branches are located. In partnership with Okta, we achieve the feat of providing you with a secure, unimpaired company network at every one of your business branches, providing secure access to every device, fast registration, and the easy centralized setup of the devices through authentication and authorization.

The benefits of working with our strong partners, Okta and VMware:

  • Secure resource access from any device.
  • Elimination of passwords for the registration process.
  • Secure management of the user and device lifecycles.
  • Access can be fine-tuned even more – for instance, your staff members will be able to authenticate themselves through managed devices.
  • The situation-based registration process applies – for example, employees register using the two-factor authentication in the public WLAN and with the single-sign on process within the company Intranet.
  • Compliance mandates are integrated – for instance, access may be blocked if the devices were stolen. If the devices still operate with obsolete firmware, they can still be accessed via the company Intranet.

Reap the benefit of BPV Enterprise Group’s strong partners and obtain this added value for your enterprise:

  • You will receive all the services while you work with just one contact, which facilitates the process!
  • We have the best possible relationship with our partners VMware and Okta; reap the benefits in the form of quick support and great prices!
  • Our employees receive excellent training so that they can assist you with any questions you might have, as well as with the setup of your services!


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