Identity Management

Define identity management and how it effectively protects your business

Definition: Identity Management

If you and your colleagues want to be on the web safely, you should have good and, above all, secure identity management. Identity management, or identity management, or IdMfor short, deals with the maintenance and management of user accounts and resources on the network. This also includes permission management for users of applications and systems. Access permissions are set and set up using authentication and authorization.

Common authentication is the assignment of a user name and password. However, the security measures are further tightened, so that users have to think up and remember more difficult passwords with more specifications, which have to be changed in an ever shorter time cycle. Who still has the insight into the abundance of changed passwords? Other authentication methods include so-called strong authentication or two-factor or multi-factor authentication with keycards, mobile numbers, fingerprints or tokens.

Authorization is about giving the user the necessary areas such as systems, applications, data, and printers that they can access thanks to their authorization. This, too, must be set up and shared with everyone. A work that can sometimes be very difficult and expensive for different positions and access rights.

Why is identity management so important?

Many hackers are doing their bit online. The risk of data and identity theft is increasing and log-ins are increasingly needed for different areas. In addition, the requirements for passwords become more complex. Who can remember them? It often happens that the employee has not noticed the new password and requests a new one. In many companies, this triggers a help desk ticket. The cost per ticket is about 30 euros. Unnecessary costs and time for IT, which are avoided by good identity management.

Okta, the clever software for identity and access management

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity management. Okta offers an Identity Cloud that creates a secure connection between people and technology. The system is supported by the Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome web browsers. Okta offers a variety of products, here are only the most important ones in our eyes.

Single Sign-On

Singe Sign-On (SSO) translates as single sign-on and means the authentication method by which the user logs in once and thus gains access to multiple services and resources. This eliminates the hassle of logging on for different applications.

The advantages of Single Sign-On:

  • 50 percent fewer help desk calls due to sign-in issues.
  • 50 percent faster user sign-in.
  • Up to five times faster integration of the COMPANIES taken over by IT.
  • SSO can be reliably integrated into all web and mobile applications.
  • The central access can be tailored to each device and fully adapted.
  • Secure storage of users and passwords.
  • Connection to AD/LDAP across multiple domains and self-service function to reset the AD/LDAP password.
  • Security reports are delivered in real time.
  • Secure access for all users with two-factor authentication via Okta Verify OTP, including all SSO customers.

Universal Directory

Storing an unlimited number of users and attributes from applications and sources such as AD or HR systems is no problem with Okta Universal Directory.

The advantages of Universal Directory:

  • Users and passwords are stored securely.
  • (Group-based) Password policy with complexity options.
  • Storage and transformation with advanced attributes to support rich SAML and authorization scenarios based on attributes.
  • Integration with internal systems to retrieve dynamic data or additional permissions for downstream applications.

Lifecycle management

This refers to automated access throughout the entire user lifecycle for internal and external users,i.e. for all employees, partners and customers.

The benefits of lifecycle management:

  • You save 30 minutes on every application deployment request.
  • You’ll also save an additional 30 minutes to determine and configure groups and permissions.
  • You save costs per user per year when preparing for audits.

Adaptive multi-factor authentication

Improve security for your application with contextual step-up authentication with an additional layer of security for systems, applications, RADIUS, and VPN devices.

The benefits of adaptive multi-factor authentication:

  • Increased security – 81 percent of hacker attacks are due to stolen or weak passwords.
  • Multi-factor authentication adds a second level of security to your application.
  • You get reliable reporting through the user’s AMFA history.

What does it all have to do with VMware?

VMware is an American company that offers software solutions in cloud computing and virtualization. The BPV group of companies cooperates very successfully with VMware in the sd-WAN sector. With their secure and flawless cloud software solution, you can connect your business networks perfectly,no matter which city, country or continent your offices are located on. Together with Okta, we manage to ensure that you have a secure, undisturbed corporate network at every location in your organization, with secure access to any device, fast sign-in, and easy centralized device setup through authentication and authorization.

The benefits of our strong partners Okta and VMware:

  • Secure access to resources from any device.
  • Elimination of passwords when logging in.
  • Secure management of the user and device lifecycle.
  • Accesses can be customized even more delicately – for example, your employees can authenticate through managed devices.
  • The situation-related registration procedure applies – for example, employees log in to the public WLAN with two-factor authentication and to the company network with the single sign-on procedure.
  • Compliance policies are included—for example, access can be blocked if the devices are stolen. If the devices still have outdated firmware, access via the company network is still possible.

Benefit from the strong partners of the BPV Group and get this added value for your company:

  • You receive all the services, but you only have one contact person for this, which simplifies the work!
  • We have the best contacts with our partners VMware and Okta; Benefit from this with fast support and really good prices!
  • We have excellently trained staff who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and will be happy to assist you with the setup!

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