9. July 2020

Reduce administrative costs through professional contract management

Reduce administrative costs through professional contract management

Contract management is the development, adaptation, processing and management of all contracts between the client and the contractor that accrue in the company. Constant monitoring and adaptation is extremely important for any company, as there are sometimes legal consequences and, if necessary, a lot of money depends on the contracts if they are neglected. In a large company, each department has a specific contract management requirement. Purchasing regulates all agreements with suppliers, brokers and partners. Sales contracts with customers. For example, the legal department clarifies compliance with company guidelines on contracts. Contracts for telecommunications and mobile devices must also be constantly monitored and adapted. This task does not always take place in the same department, sometimes in IT, sometimes in controlling or even with the managing director himself. No matter in which department the topic is hung up, to get an overview of the non-transparent invoices, to prepare them accordingly and to always control and adapt the contracts costs a lot of time and nerves.

It is clear that the numerous contracts alone entail an immense cost apparatus. Keeping an overview and saving costs is a challenge. Especially in times of cost optimization, when management, for example, wants to reduce the costs of contract management quickly and drastically. Only where do you start if savings are already made in all areas? In this article, we will show you how to quickly and efficiently reduce your mobile management costs.

Working efficiently thanks to the perfect visibility

The headline “Murder in the Office: Slain excel tables” is soon a thing of the past. Thanks to the mobile phone management software BIRTA #byBPV,

working in the administration department becomes much easier and more enjoyable. BIRTA combines all relevant contract data from different sources, bundles them and evaluates them clearly. Adjustable filtering functions only display what is relevant to you at the moment. Gone are hours of research in long Excel tables. In addition, BIRTA systematically prepares your employee master data from different locations, so that you have a perfect overview of all employees. Working is more fun with BIRTA, and with a better overview you can work more efficiently and thus save valuable working time and thus also labor costs.

Saving working time through automatically created reports

If you used to create the regular controllings and reports on these mobile phone contracts using long confusing Excel spreadsheets, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. It is time for progress. Thanks to BIRTA, regular reporting and controlling contracts become child’s play. All you need to do is specify what you want reporting to include. After that, the reports are automatically created at times you specify and sent to selected groups of people. This minimizes the administrative burden, which saves many companies a significant amount of time.

Uncovering and destroying cost drivers

Thanks to BIRTA’s filtering feature, you can view all contract details such as appointments, tariffs, invoice number, basic and connection prices from each individual employee, device, and phone number to reveal the biggest cost drivers in your organization. Let’s talk about the cost of your mobile devices: We have a clear view in the mobile segment and know exactly for which employee which tariff is worth it, and can thus offer you cheaper contracts. We at the BPV Group act as an interface between your company and the mobile operators. So it doesn’t matter how many contracts you have with different providers. Because if you want, we are your sole contact person and regulate everything in the background. In this way, you have spare capacity for more important things, and with new efficient contracts you can not only save money, but also working time. Further information on corporate mobile phone management and contract management can be found here.

Save costs by cancelling the contract in good time

In order to optimize the existing contract and save costs,it should first be terminated. But how often does it happen with larger companies, which sometimes manage hundreds of contracts, that they do not have the contract terms on their screens, and that the notice periods are missed.

Many contracts do not only have to take into account the duration of the contract, but the company often has a specific window of time in which it can retrieve the appropriate hardware for the contract. For example, in the case of leasing contracts, it is agreed that the contract will run for two years. But what happens if the company needs a new device beforehand, as technical advances, for example, no longer meet the required conditions? Will the contract then renew automatically? When can the new hardware be retrieved again? Or after the agreed contract period, the company does not need any new hardware. For many contracts, the company can request a late hardware retrieval, which allows it to retrieve the available hardware up to 12 months later. After that, the right to the hardware expires, even though the previously more expensive tariff price was paid.

Due to these different events, the different terms of the contracts and the retrieval of the hardware can shift differently, so that the company should keep an eye not only on the contracts, but also on the retrievals of the hardware. An administrative burden that not only causes grey hair, but also costs a lot of expensive working time.

It would be great to have contract software that regularly reminds you of the upcoming notice periods and suggests the window of hardware change. How good that there is BIRTA! Our BIRTA is tireless and constantly monitors your mobile phone contracts, so you don’t miss any notice periods and hardware changes. This allows you to check the contract for efficiency, terminate it on time, if necessary, and negotiate new contracts. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it in addition to your work. We are in favour of “freedom and efficiency in the workplace” and are happy to regulate this for you. This way you can be sure that you will get the best contract for your needs, that you will have real cost savings, that you can retrieve the hardware at the right time and that you can also take care of more important things.

Would you like to get to know this BIRTA? No problem! Simply sign up for free demo access.

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