3. July 2020

More overview than ever with the new iPhone operating system update

At the end of June 2020, Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC did not take place as usual. In Corona times, it was held by Apple purely virtually. At the conference, the global group showed which innovations in the field of hardware, operating system version and feature enhancement are to be expected in the coming months. There are many great features for the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. We will tell you what are the most exciting innovations for the iPhone in this blog post.

New “outfit” for the home screen and smart apps

The App Library provides an overview

Are you also more likely to be annoyed when you’re looking for an app on your phone and can’t find it partout? Over the years, more and more apps have been added, so you now have to scroll through the phone display for a long time until you find the app you want. The new App Library provides a remedy. With Library, apps are clearly summarized. It bundles apps from a variety of areas such as games, social networks and health, and suggests useful summaries, such as frequently used or new apps. As a user, you can decide for yourself how many pages of the home screen to display.

Smart widgets in different sizes

Also the widgets get a new outfit missed. If you want, you can assign the widgets to different sizes depending on the importance. You can also mix the widgets and apps on the home screen to customize your iPhone to suit your individual needs. What’s really crazy: Thanks to on-device intelligence, you can create a specific stack of widgets that appear automatically depending on the time, location, and activity.

App Clips saves you app space

If you travel more often in other cities and like to rent an e-scooter or ride the subway, you need a separate app for each city to rent the electronic vehicle or draw a ticket. Thanks to the Clips app, this is the end of the game. The Clips app is tied to specific actions and ensures that you can quickly and easily complete a predefined task without first installing the associated app. You can access certain functions or information by using an NFC tag or QR code from the provider. You can easily authenticate through your Apple account and any payments can be made via Apple Pay.

Multitasking with iPhone

Especially in times of home office, you may need to hold conference calls more often and have to look at something on the Internet or use other apps. With the new iOS operating system, this is no longer a problem. iOS 14 provides picture-in-picture support so you can do two things at once. This is made possible by a reduced app window above the current screen content. This allows you to use the time efficiently so that you have time for the essentials.

Navigating becomes easier

When you upgrade the iPhone operating system, route planning is also easier. Maps should become more practical, especially for cyclists. Differences in altitude, stairs and cycle paths are indicated to the cyclist on request. The disadvantage: The bike card is only used in America. In Germany, we still have to wait for it. But it will also be easier for drivers of electric vehicles: Plan your route, loading pauses along the way. In addition, the current state of charge of your electric car is taken into account and altitude meters as well as the weather are taken into account.. Environmental zones, traffic jams as well as places and places worth seeing are also displayed.

Respond faster to important conversations

Thanks to the update, it has now become even easier to access important messages from friends and family. You can pin your message list to the top of your list on iOS 14. Mentions and inline responses keep you up-to-date on exciting group threads. Group conversations allow you to assign images or emojis as group images to help you find them faster. The emoji selection has also been expanded. And if you need a break: you can mute the group chat and get notified if you are mentioned by name.

More news from iOS 14

  • Privacy:
    Before tracking, the apps must obtain the user’s permission in the future. You can also decide whether you just want to tell app developers your approximate location, and get more visibility about how apps use the camera and microphone.
  • Call display:
    Incoming calls are displayed inconspicuously on the top screen and no longer occupy the entire screen.
  • Siri:
    Siri also gets a facelift. Siri will also subtly appear as an icon when you need it, and will no longer occupy the entire screen.
  • CarPlay:
    The NFC chip connects to your own car so you can use it without a car key. However, this only works with the new BMW 5 Series.
  • Safari:
    With the iOS-14 browser, you get an overview of privacy at the touch of a button to see which cross-page trackers have been blocked. Apple also gives evidence of insecure passwords that were part of a data leak.
  • Translate:
    Translating becomes even easier, both in spoken language and text, in eleven languages. In addition, the on-device mode allows translation in an offline state.
  • AirPods:
    With automatic device switching, you’ll soon be able to seamlessly switch your AirPods between Apple devices.

These are the most important innovations we think will come with the iOS 14 update.

When will the Apple update finally come?

After iOS 14 was unveiled at WWDC in late June, Apple immediately released the beta download to the developers. The company has promised the public beta version for July. Apple has not yet given the date for the final release, but it is expected to come in the fall of 2020.

Which iPhones benefit from the new iPhone operating system update?

Apple has meant it well and all iPhones starting with the iPhone 6S can benefit from the operating system update to iOS 14. This allows the iPhones running iOS 13 to upgrade to iOS 14. Specifically, the following phones apply: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone SE 2020, iPod touch (7th generation).

For more information about the update, see this video.

If you have any questions about the upcoming iPhone operating system update or want to lease or buy a new iPhone, please let us know.

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