14. October 2020

Apple unveils four variants of flagship

The wait has come to an end: Already on September 17, 2020, at the launch of the new iPad, we reported in our blog that the experts had already expected the launch of the new iPhone 12 at that time. Now it was time. The Apple Keynote took place on October 13, 2020 at 7 p.m. German time. Apple unveiled the new iPhone 12 in four variants – the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and a smaller version, the iPhone 12 mini.

What are the main innovations?

  • 5G speed
  • A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone
  • All-screen OLED display with Ceramic Shield
  • Night mode on each camera

The four new models differ mainly in size, displays and cameras. The distinction between a standard model and the Pro models is thus continued. As a rule, the Pro versions have more technical innovations to offer.

5G speed

All new Apple smartphones now offer the 5G mobile standard. While this has been the case with Samsung for some time, for example, with top-class devices, Apple is now following suit. However, Apple has also considered a solution to a problem that occurs when using 5G: a massively higher battery consumption. For example, there will be a smart data mode that allows users to use 5G only when this high bandwidth is really needed – for example, for larger downloads. However, this function can be switched off manually by the user.

The new A14 Bionic chip

With the new iPhone generation comes the A14 Bionic chip system. This is said to be about 15 percent faster than the A13 in the iPhone 11. This leap is remarkable and will probably set new standards. In addition, this chip should be extremely economical and reduce battery consumption by up to 30 percent.

Allscreen OLED display with Ceramic Shield

The new Apple smartphones have a Super Retina XDR display. This is an OLED display that is equipped with twice as many pixels as the iPhone 11. The previous model was still an LCD screen. Apple is offering three different screen sizes for the first time. The iPhone 12 mini has a display size of 5.4 inches, the iPhone 12 6.1 inches, as does the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Pro Max measures a proud 6.7 inches. From the 12th generation onwards, the display is now better protected with a so-called Ceramic Shield. The development was created together with Corning, an expert in the field of glass. The new protection technology is intended to provide four times the protection against glass breakage in the event of a fall compared to the iPhone 11.

The camera

Apple has also revamped the cameras for the new model. While the iPhone 12 and mini model only offer a digital zoom, the Pro models are again equipped with an optical zoom. Triple cameras were installed for the first time in the Pro models. All models have been given a night mode for the camera. This means that images in the dark should be about 27 percent better. Apple uses so-called LiDAR sensors in the cameras. LiDAR is the abbreviation for “Light Detection and Ranging”. The sensor is used for light detection and distance measurement. Especially for portrait photos, Apple achieves better depth recognition and accurate positioning. A separate RAW format provides a wide range of light information in the Pro models, which are useful for software image processing. High-contrast video recording with HDR technology is possible.

The operating system

Even before the release of the new iPhone, Apple introduced the iOS 14. All iPhones 12 have the latest version of the operating system installed. This means that users of the new devices benefit from all functions and features in combination with the new hardware.

Storage space and equipment

The iPhone 12 and mini version start at 64 gigabytes of storage and can be purchased at up to 256 gigabytes. Both Pro models start at 128 gigabytes and are also available with up to 512 gigabytes. As of now, no chargers or earbuds will be supplied. The only package included is a USB-C-to-Lightning cable.


Apple has once again implemented a boost in innovation with its new flagship. In particular, the new A14 Bionic chip will ensure that the batteries last longer, which will benefit many in their daily work. Using the smart data mode, you save additional battery for the use of 5G only in cases when you really need the higher bandwidth.

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