26. May 2021

Site networking – what exactly does this mean?

Technical connection of different locations – also international ones – in order to create an optimal infrastructure for internal communication.

Networking of locations and employees

Not so long ago, every branch and every location was responsible for its own telecommunications systems, Internet connections and firewalls. However, due to advancing globalization and working outside the office building, efficient and, above all, secure site networking and the provision of company data are becoming increasingly important for companies. With the increasing flood of data caused by employees, business customers and partners accessing company networks more and more frequently, data congestion can quickly occur. Therefore, the demands on company networks are becoming increasingly complex.

Connect your sites with secure SD-WAN

A secure, fast and efficient solution is needed so that the locations are optimally networked with each other and employees can securely access company data from anywhere.

In order to ensure international networking of locations, many companies rely on MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching). However, this solution is too expensive and inflexible for many companies.

Through WAN (Wide Area Network), different locations can also be networked internationally. But there is a better and more secure option than the traditional WAN: the SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN).

We at the BPV Group have been working successfully with the VMware SD-WAN from VeloCloudfor several years. With a software overlaythat manages all connection, security, and network information, SD-WAN is more attractive to businesses than the simple WAN. Your IT department is relieved by a central control system. This makes it possible to manage multiple WAN links at the same time. This means that each endpoint no longer has to be programmed individually for upcoming changes. In addition, the SD-WAN allows you to use broadband cost-effectivelywithout sacrificing service quality.

The SD-WAN is also well-equipped in terms of security: With Pivotal security features, hosted security features can be used for both VPN termination and the insertion of other services such as firewalling and cloud-based security (for example, Zscaler). In addition, security services can be inserted into the branch office using the VNF features supported by the SD-WAN Edge. The highest security requirements of companies are met and network-wide security guidelines are adhered to. If necessary, we include on-premises third-party and cloud security services.

With zero-touch SD-WAN branch office configuration, you can connect branch offices from a central location in minutes. Setting up a VeloCloud Edge at each location eliminates the need for additional on-site configurations.

For more SD-WAN benefits, see “The Benefits of SD-WAN for a Global Future”.

BPV International: Your partner for telecommunications worldwide!

The BPV Group is following the way: With 19 agents, 11 partners and 5 locations around the world, we find solutions in the field of telecommunications. Among other things, for customers who are globally positioned and want to expand their networking. How does it work? With a good network of locations, perfect performance and great service offerings that are recognized and in demand worldwide. We at BPV are also networked with all locations with the SD-Wan from VeloCloud. In this way, we have a good connection to our colleagues and the company data is integrated securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Let us work together to securely and easily connect your company with other locations!

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