20. July 2020

What are the advantages of a service mobile phone, who gets one and how can you retain employees?

How do you handle the topic of company mobile phones in your company? Does only the management have a service mobile phone or any trainee? At what level does it make sense to give the employee a company mobile phone? Opinions differ here. Certainly, it also depends on the industry you work in. Basically, in most German companies, not every employee needs a company mobile phone to work more effectively. However, if only a few employees are provided with a mobile phone by the boss, this can lead to frustration among employees because some feel unfairly treated. Therefore, it should be well thought out who gets a smartphone from the employer and who does not. In many companies, therefore, a service mobile phone is decided according to department or ranking. Senior executives often get a company mobile phone, as do field workers with a lot of customer contact and many business trips.

The most common answer to the question of service mobile phones in companies is: Our employees do not all need a company mobile phone, as they do not work from home and always sit at their desk. Therefore, the accessibility is always given and a landline connection is sufficient. In a professional context, this may be true, but privately, each of your employees will probably own a mobile phone. Everyone would also like a newer model with a more powerful battery, a narrower case and more storage space. So you could buy service phones for everyone, and so tie the employees to the company.

If not the point with the cost now would come. For many employers, it is too expensive to provide every employee with a company mobile phone. But it doesn’t have to be expensive: If you procure or lease a service phone for each of your employees, you get discounts. On the other hand, your employees will certainly work more effectively if you provide themwith their most eager service mobile phone model. In addition, the procurement and administrative burden does not increase,because thanks to the
you have all assets in the overview at the touch of a button.

If company phones are too expensive for all employees, ask your employees if you would be willing to personally control something for a good service phone,if they are allowed to use it privately. You will be amazed how many make use of it. At BPV, we have leasing contracts that involve a certain proportion of employees if you wish. Let’s talkabout it.

However, in order to comply with GDPR guidelines when a business mobile phone is also used privately, employers and employees must pay attention to a number of things.

Advantages of the service mobile phone – if it can also be used privately, as in most cases in Germany:

  • The employee is always and everywhere reachable.
  • Company mobile phones are not a monetary advantage and do not have to be taxed by the employee as a component of remuneration.
  • The employee does not have to buy his own mobile phone and saves costs for both the hardware and the monthly fees.
  • Ensure increased employee satisfaction and let your employee choose their favorite model.
  • You can also share the cost of the hardware with the employee. This saves you costs and reduces non-wage labour costs (gross salary waiver).

What, you want a new phoneagain ? – Which service mobile phone cycle is up-to-date?

The technical innovations that come onto the market every year are dizzying. Smartphones are becoming faster, lighter and more powerful. It is therefore not surprising that employees are increasingly demanding a new service mobile phone, on the grounds that they can work even more effectively and faster with the latest model. In Germany, according to the survey, the mobile phone is exchanged for a new one on average after only 18 months, but is this really efficient and necessary?

Smartphones have an average life cycle of two to three years. Usually the battery gives up fastest. If you can’t work with the device for a long time or make a phone call without it hanging on to the power outlet, it’s time for a new battery – but often it’s cheaper to buy a new phone directly. If your phone is so old that it can no longer play the new operating system updates from iOS or Android, you should buy a new phone as soon as possible. Because the updates close security gaps and fix bugs. If you are no longer able to install the updates, your mobile phone and therefore your company data are in danger. However, many companies are concerned with image. It doesn’t look good when the sales representative puts his five-year-old mobile phone on the table at the customer’s table. This quickly gives the impression that the company cannot afford new technology.

If you want to be optimally equipped,then let’s talk about the cheap leasing offers of the BPV group of companies. If you are concerned about the repair costs, we offer you a calculable risk with the Premium Exchange Service. This means that your employee will receive a new device within 24 hours in the event of a defect, even in the event of self-fault and outside the warranty.

Employee retention through company mobile phone

There is a shortage of skilled workers in many industries. That’s why it’s important to tie your employees to the company. But getting new employees on board is not easy either. You can find out what a perfect onboarding looks like in our blog post “An Onboarding with System”. But can service phones also encourage employees to stay in your company or come to you? In a study by Deloitte (The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey / Germany), 69 percent of millennials surveyed in Germany said that financial incentives and benefits in kind are an important factor in choosing an employer – this factor ranks first ahead of a positive corporate culture (64 percent).

Try the “Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)” variant, in which each employee receives a service phone from the company for private use, and which he or she is allowed to choose from a list. Which employee would not be happy if he received his desired mobile phone at zero cost and was allowed to use it privately. And that’s coupled with the prospect of choosing a new model every two years, not spending on private hardware and contracts, and shining with a great model with friends. That’s too expensive for you? Then consider how expensive it is for you to look for new employees if you couldn’t keep good employees, and what effort comes with good onboarding.

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