14. October 2021

More and more people are no longer just working in the office, but from home, from their second home or from the café around the corner. For flexible and efficient mobile working, well-thought-out equipment is therefore urgently needed. But what hardware do your employees need for their needs and which accessories are really necessary? We would like to support you with the question and clarify it.

In a three-part series of articles, we explain which accessories and which hardware such as smartphones and notebooks are ideal for mobile working.

Our first article is about the right accessories for the mobile workplace. So that you limit yourself to what is really necessary and does not overwhelm the volume of your work bag, we recommend these three accessory products:

1. Accessories: A convenient USB hub

To ensure freedom and efficiency in the mobile workplace, you should always have a USB hub in your work bag. Especially the newer laptops usually have only a few ports, although unfortunately several are often needed. The USB hub is easily connected to the laptop via USB cable. From this, up to ten USB ports go off, so that there is no constant replugging of accessory products.

What to look out for:

A good USB hub should have the following inputs so that you are prepared for all eventualities:

  • USB-A – ideally several at the same time
  • SD Card Slot
  • USB-C slot
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • HDMI input – ideally two directly

2. Accessories: A perfect headphone

The good thing about a mobile workplace is the flexibility. You can work from the café, on the train or on the park bench. It only becomes disturbing when the background noise around you is too big and you can no longer concentrate. Or if you suddenly no longer understand anything during a call and are not understood.

That’s why our tip is: Invest in high-quality headphones. With good headphones, not only the sound is significantly better,but also the microphone. Background noise is dampenedin the best possible way.

Also pay attention to wireless headphones. This allows you to move more flexibly and they are stowed faster in the work bag. There is no tangle of cables. In addition, you do not need another USB port on your laptop.

3. Accessories: The right work bag

Hand on heart: Who has thought of the right work bag when it comes to accessories for the mobile workplace? You don’t? The work bag in which you transport your technical devices and accessories plays a decisive role: Not only a sufficient filling quantity should be considered, but also the functionality and protection of the transported hardware. If you travel frequently by bike, the bag should ideally be waterproof so that the hardware is protected from moisture. If you are carrying the laptop on your back, the bag should be padded to protect not only the hardware, but also your back. That’s why when buying a work bag, pay attention to a sufficiently large notebook compartment with appropriate padding.

Our conclusion on the perfect accessory for the mobile workplace

With a sufficiently large USB hub, high-quality headphones and a matching work bag, you are well equipped for the mobile working world. Which smartphone and notebook are most suitable for you at the mobile workplace, we will tell you in the next posts.

From the very beginning, we at the BPV Group ensure that our employees are equipped with the right accessoriesso that they can enjoy full freedom and efficiency in the mobile workplace. A matching work bag is even included in our welcome pack.

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