14. May 2021

Provinzial NordWest Project

Our customer – the Provinzial NordWest

The Provinzial NordWest Group comprises Provinzial NordWest Holding AG, the traditional regional insurance companies Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung AG, Provinzial Nord Brandkasse AG, Hamburger Feuerkasse Versicherungs-AG and Provinzial NordWest Lebensversicherung AG.

As a result, the Group operates in Westfalen-Lippe, Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The property and accident insurers Westfälische Provinzial, Provinzial Nord and Hamburger Feuerkasse are responsible for the market management in the individual regions. The holding company administers important cross-sectional functions and the group’s reinsurance activities. As a result, the Provinzial NordWest Group bundles investments and core business functions nationwide, while maintaining the traditionally close ties of regional insurance companies to its customers.

In 2017, the Provinzial Northwest called for bids with regard to the supply of hardware services in the mobile phone sector. BPV GmbH was able to win this tender in cooperation with Vodafone Germany.

The Provinzial NordWest was particularly impressed by our high level of expertise, in the combination with mobile communication expertise and its ability in the field of hardware management.

The challenge of the project

The task was to replace the 988 Blackberry devices used by office workers with iPhone models and partly iPads. Provinzial NordWest had to cope with the challenge of rolling out 1,135 iPhones and 135 iPads across three locations. The economic and temporal aspect played an overriding role here.

The satisfactory solution of BPV

With our LifeCycle asset management, we implemented a just-in-time strategy for the three locations in a multi-stage process. Hardware procurement, configuration using DEP and the logistical implementation was designed in such a way that the entire value creation process was kept very lean. Tailored to the delivery of the equipment, the employees at the locations were trained for the new hardware and software on site by our experts.

Also in the future, LIAM will offer support to new Provinzial NordWest employees. With the integrated premium exchange service, we protect the customer from unforeseeable repair costs, so that we take over the complete replacement of the mobile devices in case of damage. In addition, in some cases we provide first-level support for the end user and are connected to the existing support system via an interface in order to guarantee an optimal process flow. The whole project is rounded off by the BPV controlled and fully automated ordering process of the hardware accessories via the existing SAP system of Provinzial NordWest AG.

The benefits for the Provinzial NordWest

By outsourcing the entire LifeCycle asset management, we have optimized the processes for the Provincial NordWest and were thus able to increase the productivity of our employees. Taking on their time-consuming tasks has relieved the burden on day-to-day business. Not only this, but also the perfectly timed process, has saved the company a lot of costs.